Payment Method
We recommend and accept the following payment methods:

Online Card Payment

Safe and Easier way to pay without exposing your Credit Card Information

Safe and Easier way to pay without exposing your Credit Card Information

We, ABS Bike Tours, under the management of ABS TRAVEL & TRADE Co.,Ltd, accept Online Card Payment. All of your card information are processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our system (Merchant). We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB card. For more information and instruction, please contact our travel consultant or email us at [email protected]

Important Notes

1) Your card issuing bank will debit you in local currency and ABS TRAVEL & TRADE Co.,Ltdwill have no control on the rate of conversion used by your card company.

2) A surcharge of 3.0% will be applied to the quoted prices for any payment by credit cards. Service vouchers will be issued at least one week before the departure date.


Payment by Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer)

You can pay us by wire transfer to our bank account. Please find our bank details as below:

  • English abbreviated name: ABS TRAVEL & TRADE Co.,Ltd
  • Account number: 0161000881731 (VND)
  • Bank: Vietcom Bank Hue Branch
  • Swift code: BFTVVNVX
  • Address: 78 Hung Vuong Str., Hue City, Vietnam
  • Tel: 1900 545413

What is online payment gate – Paypal?

All popular international cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club are easily paid in Paypal. This is the reliable payment processing Technology Company specialized in providing the following technology solutions & services worldwide.

– Electronic Payment Gateway processing services
– Merchant payment solutions and services
– Pre-Paid Card solutions and services

After submitting your payment, customers will be received the transaction’s result after only 2 to 5 seconds.

Why Choose Visa/Master/American Express/JCB Card through Paypal?

– Simple to make the payment than before. Transactions are processed in real-time and the result is provided to card holders immediately. Card holders/buyers will have peace of mind to know that their transaction is done by receiving the transaction result within 5 seconds.
– Provided an easy and secure front-end monitoring web interface, the lower risk factor as compared to a traditional payment gate
– Accepted worldwide
– Easy and secure to use, pay anyone, anytime in different convenience places.
– Fast, simple and easy process. Enhanced secured by 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication) such as OTP (One Time Password) via sms, RSA hardware token, the client transactions are ensured to be completed without and hinder.
– Quick and easy to send money
– 24/7h available monitoring to help prevent fraud

How to use it?

Paypal is said to be the easiest and quickest way to send and receive money online. What customers need to do is very simple as follows:

– Step 1: Fill your Credit Card details in secure online as detailed guidance in the last step of payment.
– Step 2: Click Pay to transfer money
– Step 3: Receive the transaction’s result (around 2 to 5 seconds)

Click here to online payment page

Alternative Payment Method

Pay by Western Union Transfer (or MoneyGram /Travelex)

If there is Western Union Service in the area where you live, you can choose to send us deposit through Western Union which is very quick, easy and safe.

Here is our authorized recipient’s details:

  • Full name: TRUONG THI ANH HONG /Ms
  • (Family name: Truong, Middle: Thi Anh, Given name: Hong)
  • ID number: 191494947
  • Address: 51 Lê Lợi Str., Hue City, Vietnam
  • Mobile phone number: ++84-916-860-552

Instructions and procedures:


Sender goes to any transaction of Western Union in the sending country, complete the information provided on the Deposit Slip.

When transfer, the sender must specify the name of the receiving customer (compatibility with identification).

Notify the recipient of Money Transfer Control Number in Vietnam to receive money.

Get money in Vietnam:

Recipients to the bank – the nearest Western Union:

Fill out Form Receive “To Receive Money”: the name of the recipient, sender, estimated amount of money, Money Transfer Control Number.

Summit “To Receive money” form with completed information and ID / passport to the teller.

Take the money and receipts.

After you send us the money, please tell us the full name of the remitter, sum of money, details of your address, and also the Money Transfer Control Number provided by Western Union.

Western Union is the fastest way to pay us. We can get your money in a few minutes after you send the money. So it is an ideal way for last minute bookings.


Personal Account (highly recommend):

1. Director:

  • Full name: TRUONG THI ANH HONG (MS)
  • Cell: [+84] 916-860-552
  • Account number: 0161000172728 (VND)
  • Bank: VietcomBank Hue Branch
  • Swift code: BFTVVNVX
  • Address: 78 Hung Vuong Str., Hue City, Vietnam
  • Tel: 1900 545413

Thanks and best regards