Useful Words To Know In Vietnam

Before traveling in Vietnam, the foreign visitors often equip themselves with basic knowledge about culture, custom or traditions of local regions where they will come. To do it, they need a lot of integrated skills such as knowing useful phrases in Vietnam.


Although Vietnamese is so hard to learn because of six tonal language and the slightest variation of the pronunciation among regions, the locals will appreciate your efforts when you ask them in Vietnamese.

The following words and phrases are spelled phonetically to help you easily contact to the locals .Just to memorize what the words look like or write them down on flash card and you can use it effectively.

Numbers in Vietnamese:

1 – Mot 2 – Hai 3 – Ba 4 – Bon 5 – Numb
6 – Sow 7 – Buy 8 – Tum 9- Chin 10 – Moo-ee
11 – Moo-ee mot 12 –Moo-ee hai 20 – Hai moo-ee 30 – Ba moo-ee 100 – mot traam

Popular phrases:

1. Hello! – Xin chao! (seen chow!)

2. Goodbye – Chao (chow!)

3. How are you? – Ban co khoe khong? (ban co kwe khome?)

4. I’m fine, thank you! – Cam on ban toi khoe (gahm un ban thoy kwe)

5. And you? – Ban thi sao? (ban ty sao?)

6. What’s your name – Ban ten gi (ban thane zee)

7. My name is… – Toi ten la (thoy thane la…)

8. Thank you – Cam on (gahm un)

9. You’re welcome – Khong co’ gi (khom go zee)

10. Yes – Vang (vung)

11. No – Khong (khome)

12. Excuse me… – Xin loi (seen loy)

13. Can you help me? – Ban giup toi duoc khong? (ban zoop thoy duc khom?)

14. I’d like to eat – Toi muon an (thoy moowan un)

15. I’d like to drink – Toi muon uong (thoy moowan oowanh)

16. Good – Tot (thote)

17. Bad – Khong tot (khome thote)

18. What is this? – Cai nay la gi (guy nai la zee)

19. How much – Bao nhieu (bow nyew)

20. Too expensive – Mac qua (mahk qwa)

21. Where is the nearest internet shop – Cho internet o dau (choh internet uh doh)

22. Where is the nearest bank – Nha bang o dau (nya bung uh doh)

23. Hotel – Khach San (khack san)

24. Hot – Nong (nom)

25. Cold – Lanh (lang)

26. Coffee – Ca phe (cah feh)

27. Hot black coffee – Ca phe nong (cah feh nom)

28. Hot Coffee with milk – Ca phe sua nong (cah feh sua nom)

29. Iced Coffee with milk – Ca phe sua dac (ah feh sua dahk)

30. Tea – Tra (chah)

31. You’re beautiful – Co dep qua (coh dep qwah)

32. I like – Toi thich (thoy tick)

33. I love you– Anh yeu em (ang eu-oh em)

34. I am happy – Toi vui (thoy vuoy)

35. I am tired – Toi met (thoy

36. Fruit juice – extracted by squeezing or blending fresh fruit- Nuoc Ep (Nook Ep)

37. Free – Mien Phi (Mee-in Fee) …..Usually used in conjunction with “wifi” when in a hotel or coffee shop.

38. Supermarket – Sieu Thi (Seal Tee)

39. Durian Fruit – Sau Rieng (Sow Reeing) – this fruit has a really strong smell, but its taste is so good.

40. Fruit jucie – Nuoc Ep (Nook Ep) extracted by squeezing or blending fresh fruit

41. Fruit – Trai Cay (Try Kay)

42. Cell phone service – Di Dong (Yi Dong)- (i.e. Mobifone, Vinaphone, etc.)

43. International – Quoc Te (Wook Teh)

44. Motorbike Taxi – Xe Om (Seah Um)

45. Computer – May vi tinh (May Vee Thin)

46. Restroom  – Nha Ve Sinh (WC) (Nyah Veh Sin)- Restroom……W.C. stands for Water Closet and is apparently a legacy of the French occupation of Vietnam.

47. Police – Cong An or Canh Sat (Kong Anhg or Khan Sak)

48. Hospital – Benh Vien (Ben Vee-in)

49. Company – Cong Ty (Kong Tee)

50. House or Room for rent – Nha or Phong Cho Thue (Nyah or Fong Jaw Tweh)

51. Vegetarian – An Chay (Ang Chey)

52. Pharmacy – Thuoc Tay (Te-ook Thay)

53. Park Car – Gui Xe (Goi? Seah)

54. Motobike – Xe Honda (Seah Honda) – term used to refer to all kinds or motorbikes

55. Guest – Khach (Cat) – this word can be combined with others as shown below

56. Tourist – Khach Du Lich (Cat Yoo Lit)

57. Hotel – Khach San (Cat Sang)

58. Emergency – Cap Cuu (Cap Koo?) – should pronounce the last part as if asking a question.

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